Sauce Purchase

Purchase or Subscribe by the Case (Shipping Included)

4-Pack of Testa's Pasta Sauce
(Seedless & Skinless - Lectin Free)

$49.95 Purchase / $45.95 Monthly

4-Pack of Testa's Marinara Sauce
(All Natural)

Testa's Marinara Sauce label

$49.95 Purchase / $45.95 Monthly

4-Pack of Testa's Ala Vodka Sauce
(Seedless & Skinless) Contains Milk

Ala Vodka Sauce

$53.95 Purchase / $49.95 Monthly

4-Pack of Testa's Tomato Basil Sauce
(All Natural)

Testa's Tomato & Basil Sauce Label

$49.95 Purchase / $45.95 Monthly

Pickup Available by the Case (12 Jars):
Testa’s Banquet Facility
26 S Center Street
Southington CT 06489
Delivery by the case in CT only
Delivery Window: 2-4 days
To place an order, please call (860) 628-8509

What Makes Testa's Sauces the Best Taste for Your Value?

Made right in Southington, Connecticut using the finest ingredients, Testa’s Sauce is sure to remind you of the Italian traditions you have come to love. Being a small business, we know how important it is for our economy to buy at a local level.

Did You Know?

Did you now that our jars of our regular Pasta Sauce is Skinless & Seedless? All other flavors/varieties may contain skins and seeds.

We only use the finest ingredients to produce our sauce. Our all natural sauce is low in fat, no cholesterol, and a minimal percentage of sodium. Another advantage is that our Pasta Sauce is the only seedless sauce on the market! We invite you to experience the authentic taste of an original old world classic in sauce-making with Testa’s Homestyle Sauces!