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Planning an event can be stressful. Whether it’s a Wedding, Baby Shower, Family Reunion, Birthday Party, or Anniversary, there are so many details to organize, and vendors to manage. At Testa’s we strive to make every event as stress free as possible. Our dedicated, hard working staff goes above and beyond to ensure every guest is satisfied. With crowd pleasing meals, and plenty of courses, no guest will be left wanting more. You may have to plan the baby games, or practice that first dance, but you won’t have to worry about the incredible food and service you and your guests will experience at Testa’s.

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Planning & Preparation

The first step to a Testa’s event is to start working with our planner to finalize the major details of your event. This includes figuring out what room works best for your guests, and the package that suits your needs. We’ve prepared a variety of packages that can provide everything from a simple brunch, to a decadent multi-course dinner. Not sure what to pick? We go over all of the details, so you are fully informed before making your decision. No matter what package you choose we can guarantee one thing: a satisfying and mouthwatering menu.

Our staff will continue to help you plan as your event draws nearer. We’re committed to giving every client, no matter event size, the personalized attention they deserve. Our years of experience, and deep industry knowledge mean we know all of the tricks of the trade to ensure that everything from setting up the center pieces, to clearing away the plates happens smoothly.

Delectable Dining

At the end of every event there should always be one thing that you fondly remember: the meal. You may have loved the dancing, and the ambience, and at Testa’s you’ll definitely tell your friends how much you loved the open bar. However, the one thing you won’t hesitate to share with anyone you talk to is how much you loved your meal. With only the best ingredients we prepare every meal, so that your guests are tasting the perfect mixtures of flavor.

Testa’s meatballs are a tradition, and are usually requested to be served family style, so that your guests can enjoy their fill! With so many entree choices you’ll be able to choose meals that everyone loves. Have guests with special dietary needs? Let us know while we plan, so we can make sure they’re served an amazing meal that they can brag to all of their friends about.

At Testa’s we believe in offering the very best in customer service and dining. Our remarkable staff does everything they can to guarantee your event is a resounding success. For more information about events at Testa’s, please give us a call!

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