Great Places for Photos

Popular Photo Place at Testa's

Great Places to Photograph at Testa's

We always love surprising our clients with just how many places there are to take beautiful photographs in and around Testa’s Banquet Facility. From the bridal suite, to the grand staircase, the patio, to across the street, it’s easy to capture beautiful portraits without the hassle of driving to a separate location!

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The Bridal Suite

While our brides prepare for their day in our Bridal Suite they are able to enjoy an ample amount of natural light, which is perfect for soft, lovely portraits. Photographers love utilizing the classic furniture in the Suite to pose the bride alone, as well as group photographs. It’s a private, secure location to take portraits to avoid the groom seeing the bride before the walk down the aisle!

The Grand Staircase

Our Grand Staircase is a statement piece for our facility. With white steps, framed in light wood grain, photographer’s are able to arrange bridal parties, families, corporate groups, and couples! The staircase’s curve allows groups to go all the way to the top, or everyone can stagger themselves on the steps for something more creative.

The Patio

Guests love hanging out on our back patio during events. It’s a pause from the events inside, and during the warmer seasons allows guests to cool off and enjoy the great outdoors. It’s also a great space for portraits. Photographers are able to pose in a variety of ways, facing the side of the building, the back, or with the windows in the background.

The Main Entrance

The main entrance provides classic furniture that blends into photographs. With a cream tone the photographs are warm and inviting. Natural light floods the foyer and provides you with soft, subtle shadows that enhance your look. Perfect for couple portraits, or basic family photos. All of the furniture is easy to arrange to fit your group!

The Front of Testa's

The front of our building is perfect for modern, fun photographs. With great light throughout the day, photographers often photograph couples in front of the Testa’s sign. The front also provides plenty of space for large groups, and family photographs. We’ve also posed couples using our windows and entryways as unique backdrops.

Across The Street

The Farmington Canal Heritage Trail, and a large brick factory building are just steps away from Testa’s front doors. Photographers find that the trail offers beautiful couple portraits with the couple either walking down the trail, or enjoying a long embrace while on the trail. The factory provides a more urban landscape with great color, and a lot of options for posing including the fire escape steps, windows, and entryways to the building.

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